Monday, March 24, 2014

What is Oracle APPS

Oracle initially launched its application suite with financials software in the late 1980s. The offering as of 2009 extends to supply-chain managementhuman-resource managementwarehouse-managementcustomer-relationship managementcall-center services, product-lifecycle management, and many other areas. Both in-house expansion and the acquisition of other companies have vastly expanded Oracle's application software business.

Is it just the short name of Oracle Applications? may be yes, however this question is an excuse for me to explain to you the evolution of APPS schema.

Previously each module had its own database schema(which we still have). However, a purchasing user (until version 10.6) used to connect to PO schema (by the virtue of the screen being a PO screen).

Hence, if a report or screen of AR ( Oracle Receivables ) module wanted to access a table named PO_HEADERS_ALL, they would then use notation PO.PO_HEADERS_ALL.However, now we have several database schemas(in most cases one schema per module).The tables are still owned by their respective schema, but now we have a central schema named APPS. Oracle ERP simply connects to APPS database schema for all its operations(with a couple of exceptions that are best ignored for now).

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